All Bucwild Sports compression wear feature our reinforced non-slip elastic band of silicone. This added feature dramatically increases customer satisfaction for two reasons. First, you will not be constantly pulling your sleeve back up your arm, a common distraction with cheaper sleeves. Second, this added silicone membrane provides a reinforced seam around the top of the sleeve. With our sleeve, the top opening is reinforced assuring a more durable, longer fit.

Overall Compression - Our fabric is manufactured so that it has unlimited directional stretching capabilities, providing a more even compression in all directions, unlike other woven fabrics.

Moisture Wicking - We use a modern fabric technology that wicks sweat away from your body, keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the cold. This polyester blend is the epitome of comfort.

Flat seam technology - We use a more expensive, but far more comfortable flat seam technology. This seam dramatically increases the comfort of the sleeve by decreasing rashes caused by chafed skin.

Quality Workmanship - Our arm sleeves are made with high quality, modern fabric technology, and sewn with one flat vertical seam that runs from top to bottom. In addition to enhancing our sleeves comfort, this also increases the durability of our sleeves.