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3/4 Compression Pants w/Knee Pads (Black)
youth boys tights with knee pads
compression pants with knee pads

3/4 Compression Pants w/Knee Pads (Black)

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BASEBALL BASKETBALL FOOTBALL VOLLEYBALL….Are just a few of the sports where your knees routinely come into contact with hard surfaces. Overtime this repeated contact is very likely to cause knee pain & increased chances of knee injury. Bucwild Sports compression tights / pants will aid in protecting your knees - keeping you injury free - in the game & off the bench

ADVANCED KNEE PROTECTION…..Bucwild Sports has solved the problem of oversized bulky knee pads. By laminating fabric to eva foam & then custom molding each pad we have designed a knee pad that protects your knee while not restricting movement allowing for greater mobility

SAFE COMFORTABLE UPF 50+ MATERIAL...Bucwild Sports padded compression pants feature sweat wicking polyester spandex material that fits like a glove - keeps your skin cool & dry & is lab certified UPF 50+ thus protecting your skin from harmful UV rays

COMPRESSION BENEFITS….Professional athletes in every major sport throughout the world have embraced the benefits of compression wear. Increased blood flow - reduced recovery time - & keeping muscles warmer longer are just a few of the benefits of Bucwild Sports compression pants with knee pads

100% GUARANTEE...If you are not happy with your order simply call text email or message us through Amazon & we will pay to have compression pants returned & give you a full refund for your order. Need a different size??? We offer 100% free exchanges Simply email us at support@bucwildsports Please have your Amazon order id for refunds & exchanges

Bucwild Sports ¾ fit padded compression pants are perfect for youth boys & adult men involved in any sport or activity where knee injury is a concern. Most brands simply have a single solid thickness of knee pad resulting in a uncomfortable restrictive fit that prevents athlete from performing at their absolute best. Bucwild Sports knee pads feature round pads on top of a thin base of eva foam allowing for a much thinner pad on the knee which increases mobility while at the same time offering more padding on top of knee where padded is needed most .

Bucwild Sports padded compression pants are made from 80% polyester 80% spandex . Pants feature 2 pockets and optimized stitching that allows athlete to move in any direction without the need to rearrange the placement of pants.

 Benefits of Bucwild Sports padded compression pants:

Knee Protection

Increased Mobility

Reduced Recovery Time

Increased Oxygen to the Muscles

Muscles Stay Warmer Longer



XS: Fits waist sizes 24 - 27”

Small: Fits waist sizes 27 - 30”

Medium: Fits waist sizes 30 - 34”

Large: Fits waist sizes 34 - 38”


Please Note: Knee pads are stitched into pants & cannot be removed.


Compression Pants w/ Knee Pads

X-Small 24-27 inches / 61-69 cm
Small 27-30 inches / 69-76 cm
Medium 30-34 inches / 76-87 cm
Large 34-38 inches / 87-96 cm