Compression Knee Pads - Royal Blue Camo

Compression Knee Pads - Royal Blue Camo

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Royal Blue Camo

PROTECT & PREVENT KNEE INJURIES… Most knee pads slip and slide while running, jumping, or sliding, thus leaving the knee exposed to injury. Bucwild Sports comfortable polyester spandex material combined with our EVA foam padding conform to your every movement, making sure your knees are always protected.

BATTLE TESTED - Basketball, football, baseball, wrestling, volleyball, soccer, Crossfit, and weightlifting are just a few of the many sports and activities where athletes are using Bucwild Sports knee pads. Our pads are also a favorite among those who work in construction, roofing, tiling, and flooring, as well as gardening.

PERFORMANCE BOOSTER… When you’re not actively moving, your muscles cool down quickly, increasing your chances of fatigue and injury. Bucwild’s compression fit padded knee sleeves will keep your muscles warm much longer allowing you to play at your very best.

PRECISION SIZING - No guessing at your correct size. Our sizes are already optimized for correct compression fit. Just use a tape measure to measure around your mid-thigh, and look at our (zoom-able) size chart under our images. Your measurement is all you need to find and order the right size.

100% FREE EXCHANGE GUARANTEE - If your sleeves don’t fit, just message us, and we will send you a new size at no cost to you

Product Description

Bucwild Sports padded knee sleeves offer comfortable, form-fitting knee protection. Our padded knee sleeves protect the whole knee, not just the top of the knee like so many other brands. Bucwild Sports padded knee sleeves conform to your every move thanks to our second skin fit.

Bucwild Sports Padded Knee Sleeves :

Increase blood flow and circulation throughout knee, thigh, and foot
Reduce soreness and recovery time from training
Provide mild pain relief from overuse
Shield legs from harmful UV rays without using greasy lotions
Use as a rash guard and protect your knees from minor scratches and abrasions
Easily regulate body temperature with our easy-on, easy-off sleeves
Wear as a base layer for added comfort as knee warmers

Knee Brace
and many more activities

IMPORTANT - To choose the correct size measure around the thigh at 5” above the center of knee

XXS (Youth) - 11" To 13"
XS (Youth) - 13” To 15”
Small (Teen/Adult) - 15” To 17”
Medium (Adult) - 17” To 19”
Large (Adult) - 19” To 21”
XL (Adult) - 21” To 23”